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10 simple ways to increase fluid intake

10 simple ways to increase fluid intake

Adequate water intake is important to your health. Try these simple steps to help increase your fluid intake
  1. Try fruit flavored water to add flavor 
  2. Drink water when you wake up in the morning
  3. Carry a reusable water bottle with you throughout the day 
  4. Set a daily goal
  5. Set reminders on your phone 
  6. Drink water before meals
  7. Eat more foods high water (e.g. lettuce, celery, Zucchini, cabbage, watermelon etc.)
  8. Understand your daily body fluid requirement (amount of fluid you need to drink for your body size).
  9. Use an app to track your water intake (e.g DrinkWaterApp)
  10. Reward yourself daily for accomplishing your goals 


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